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Improved Fire Alarm Monitoring through Non–Addressable Fire Alarm Panel in Tucson & Casa Grande

The most common types of fire alarms that businesses use is non- conventional alarm panel. This panel links devices (such as call points and smoke detectors) to a main control panel. At Fire Alarm Tucson, we provide our customers with non-addressable fire alarm panel to keep the monitoring system updated and smooth.

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Non-Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

Advantages of Non-Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

Wiring: With a non-addressable fire alarm panel, each device will be connected to the control panel via its own wire, rather than a shared one. One end of the wire will be touching the device, and another touching the control panel.

Cost: Non-addressable fire alarm panel panels cost a lot less. This is because each device that is being connected needs its own wire.

Location Detection: With non-addressable fire alarm panel, there will be multiple devices on a zone, so if any of the devices on that zone go into alarm, you’ll get an alarm at the panel that will say “Zone Alarm.” It will also tell you what zone, as they’re numbered. This means that if an alarm comes in, it will tell you the area of the building that the alarm is in, but not a specific location since it could be any of the devices on that circuit. 

Choosing Non–Addressable Fire Alarm Panel for Your Business

Having a working a non-addressable fire alarm panel installed in your building saves lives. If you want to ensure the safety of your business, coworkers, and employees by having a fire alarm system inspection, call us today! We also provide service in Avondale, Bapchule, Benson, Bisbee. Bowie, Buckeye, Carefree and nearby communities.

We also offer commercial fire alarm services like fire alarm monitoring, daycare fire alarm systems, commercial fire alarm inspection, indoor & outdoor fire alarm and many more! Call us today at 512-661-0676 or contact us online within the service area to get our services.

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