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Fire Sprinkler Monitoring in Tucson, Casa Grande & Phoenix

Fire sprinklers are a simple but effective method for an active fire protection system for residential and commercial purposes. Installation of the fire sprinkler system is correctly done, but monitoring is the most integral part of the addition of this fire alarm system.

Fire sprinklers work pretty well without any problem but monitoring it is crucial because sometimes your sensors may not work, the pressure switch may break, or any problem may occur. But at Fire Alarm Tucson, you don’t have to worry about such matters as we will not only help you with installation but assist you with yearly inspection.

Besides sprinkler monitoring, we also provide services for fire alarm installation, commercial fire alarms and others. Please contact us immediately for your fire alarm-related services and queries at 512-661-0676.

Tucson, Casa Grande Fire Sprinkler Monitor Services

Our fire sprinkler monitor services include various aspects. Following are some standard services we will provide you-

Fire Sprinkler Monitoring
  • Sprinkler Tamper Switch- Tamper switch is a device used on the sprinkler system. Tamper switches detect when a sprinkler valve is entirely closed or partially closed. The tamper switch is usually activated a trouble signal at the control or triggers alarms.
  • Sprinkler Flow Switch- Flow switch is another device used on the sprinklers. Flow switches, as the name suggests, detect water movement or fluctuation in pressure and activates alarms.
  • Shop Drawings- We offer customized shop drawings for the fire sprinkler system. You may expect it to include detailed information about the fire sprinkler system that will be designed around your choice. Rest assured, all the designs will meet the criteria provided by the local authorities.
  • Industries- We are proud to provide services to many businesses- gyms and fitness centers, daycare centers, retail shops, churches, party halls and many more.

Rely on Us In Phoenix for Fire Sprinkler Monitoring

We have provided fire alarms installation and monitoring services for an extended period in Tucson, Vail, Casa Grande, Aguila, Benson and surrounding areas. All our technicians are well equipped, trained, hardworking, Licensed and dependable.

We care about you, and our designs are made to minimize fire risks and damage. That’s why it is always mandatory to maintain the schedule set by your local AHJ (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) for fire sprinkler system maintenance and inspection to ensure you and your property are always safe!

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