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Fire Alarm Tucson is your go-to company for the most reliable fire alarm systems for churches & other religious institutions in Tucson, Casa Grande & Phoenix. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction for all the products we install and to provide local companies with the best & most dependable fire alarm systems. We offer alarm monitoring systems for residential, industrial, and commercial facilities. We provide both telephone-based monitoring systems and wireless monitoring systems. If you live in Tucson, Casa GrandePhoenix, and other cities within our service areaplease give us a call at 512-661-0676 for more information or click here to make an appointment. 

Install and Monitor Fire Protection Equipment for Your Church

Install and Monitor Fire Protection Equipment for Your Church

A large number of the revealed church fires every year could have been anticipated or their effect diminished with the correct fire wellbeing plan. 96% of the holy places that burn every year had no sprinkler fire alarm systems and 65% had no smoke alerts.

A simple fire alarm system usually includes a controller (with a power supply and backup battery), manual 'break glass' call points, alarm sounders, and possibly fire detectors. Self-contained fire alarms include a call point and sounder in a simple enclosure that can be mounted on the wall near exits. These devices offer a simple and easy solution for many buildings where the expense of a full-scale fire alarm and detection system cannot be justified or is not recommended.

The fire alarm system is often used in conjunction with the public address system in situations where the place of worship is large. An alarm system that uses speech (voice alarms) can increase the likelihood of safe evacuation of the building and provide additional peace of mind to those who receive the message.

Visual Fire Alarm Systems for Impaired, or Deaf

Visual Fire Alarm Systems for Impaired, or Deaf

Strobes have additional value in that they may facilitate compliance with standard ADA laws were hearing-impaired, or deaf, individuals might not be able to benefit from a traditional alarm. That is why a flashing strobe (visual fire alarm device) can be beneficial because the alarm sounder may not be heard by some people. And, with larger systems, a building can be divided into separate zones. It remains important to have smoke detection throughout the inside of churches.

With a larger system and separate zones, a church administrator can effectively determine the exact area in which the fire alarm has been set off. Each device can be identified separately, ensuring that the administrator determines which device has emitted the alarm. Smoke detectors can be used to detect fire in all areas of the church, or places of worship, including exit routes, to give you an early warning.

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When you choose Fire Alarm Tucson, you know your system will not only pass inspection but protect your employees, customers, family, and business in case of a fire. We are a respected and licensed fire alarm installation company serving customers in the Tucson, Casa Grande & Phoenix areas. Call us today at 512-661-0676 or contact us in Carefree, Picacho, Bisbee, Queen Creek, Red Rock, and other places within the service area.

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