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Fire Alarms for Assisted Living Centers in Phoenix & Tucson

Assisted living centers provide complete medical care or assistance for adult residents, as well as social activities, meals and other gatherings. Many have unique demands and mobility, and keeping them secure, safe and comfortable is an expectation. In cases of fire events or danger, effective assisted living fire alarm systems must be in place, as methods for effective evacuation.

Fire Alarm Tucson installs, inspects and maintains assisted living fire alarm systems in the greater Tucson and Phoenix areas. We assess every fire-safety aspect of every facility, develop educational programs, establish evacuation routes, and install the most advanced assisted living fire alarm systems available.

We support fire safety at assisted living centers in Douglas, Dragoon, El Mirage, Elfrida, Eloy, Florence, Fort Huachuca, Fort McDowell, Fountain Hills, and throughout our Arizona service area. Call 512-661-0676 or contact us online to learn more about assisted living fire alarm systems, our free estimates, and to arrange a consultation.

Fire Alarm Tucson Has Phoenix & Glendale Assisted Living Centers Covered

Fire Alarms for Assisted Living Centers

Uninspected, outdated or other inadequate smoke or carbon monoxide (CO) detectors can endanger an assisted living center, where evacuating residents can be difficult in a pinch. Your assisted living fire alarm system needs to have the best early-detection capability and other safeguards. Fire Alarm Tucson works to update assisted living fire alarm systems to their latest, most effective versions.

We'll ensure your system meets the latest local fire codes and ordinances, and that your assisted living center has the proper fire, smoke, heat, CO, monitoring and alert protection, including lights and sound to assist those hearing- or sight-impaired residents. Other safeguards include:

  • Sprinkler systems: Can extinguish fires minimize fire or smoke damage, prevent injuries or loss of life.
  • Non-combustible system materials: Steel, metal, and concrete system materials won’t ignite and will function in severe heat conditions. 
  • Smoke & fire barriers: Keep smoke and fire from spreading, allowing staff and residents to evacuate safely.
  • Kitchen upgrades: Many newer appliances have safety devices to help prevent or extinguish fires. Upgrades for kitchen sprinkler systems.
  • Configured laundry areas: With linens and heated devices, we can make sure this equipment is as far as possible from residents.

Trust Fire Alarm Tucson For Assisted Living Fire Alarm Systems in Tucson & Casa Grande

Our experienced Fire Alarm Tucson technicians work closely with local fire authorities to design, install, inspect, and maintain assisted living fire alarm systems. We assist in securing permits and make sure your assisted living center is equipped with the latest, approved fire protection. We work with any center size or configuration, especially for fire exit protocols, sprinkler system designs, etc. 

Fire Alarm Tucson will partner with your theater to inspect and maintain your equipment, as well. Call 512-661-0676 today or contact us online to arrange a consultation. We also provide fire alarm system assistance for schools, theaters, office buildings, gym and fitness centers, community and party halls, and more.

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